Who are Our Students?

We love SHS

Our students come from communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They are curious. They are creative. Some of them love sports (and play them), some of them love music (most of them, really)...some of them love reading and/or writing. They may create videos. They may sing or play an instrument (see Clubs & Activities). They may take dance lessons or horseback riding lessons. Some love to cook. Some can't wait for science class to begin. Some are history buffs. They all love hands-on activities. They love being with their friends at school. Sometimes they take photographs, or draw, or paint. Some are altar servers. There are some mathematicians and puzzle solvers. Some students have their phones in their hands constantly (but not while in school!). Some are trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up; some already have a plan. Some sing loudly, and others prefer to sing softly. They may share a joke with their teachers. They may come up with creative playground games where everyone can join in. They may need encouragement to voice their opinions in class. They enjoy spending time with their friends after school, doing homework and playing games.
All of them are individuals. All of them are our students. All of them are special to us.