Mission "Possible"

This article recently appeared in THE PILOT, the Archdiocese of Boston, Newspaper.


By –Kathleen Blain, Director of Mission Effectiveness, Sacred Hearts School, Bradford.

When I first started to brainstorm my thoughts about writing this article, I knew that my premise was predicated on the idea that unlike the title of the series Mission Impossible, we had proven just the opposite.  Our mission was truly POSSIBLE.  And rather than conducting a simple look back on the past few months and our goal to continue to embrace our school mission, I realized that I was not chronicling  the steps of a journey; I was reflecting on the success of a journey.  I recently retired from my position as a principal and have moved into a part-time position with the title of Director of Mission Effectiveness.  It feels like part of my job is to gently remind faculty and staff of the value of assessing our work within the context of a prayerful reflection and not simply a checklist of items accomplished.

These past few months have been overridden with questions and few immediate answers, for sure.  Taking advantage of the resources available to us along with a unified group of teachers, parents, parish staff, community leaders and the Catholic Schools Office, we kept our eyes on our mission and these recent weeks gave testimony to Catholic education at its best!  We made educated decisions always with our school families in mind.  I believe we are humbly proud of what has transpired.  What is Catholic education if not a response to the needs of our constituents, a witness to Christ the Teacher as our model and a gift to one another who share in our mission or hope, possibility and promise to continually seek to be the best version of ourselves.  Being mission driven is a mandate that is embraced by the school community. 

Needless to say, it’s a realization that mission can be quantified and criteria measured to determine its fulfillment, in spite of what may appear to be “impossible” at the time.  The impact and ramifications of Covid-19, posed unprecedented challenges.

We have been driven by trust and prayer, research and data; we have been sustained by resiliency and the knowledge that God is always with us and with God, all things are truly possible! Months have passed and the Sacred Hearts School, Bradford administration, faculty and staff made what first appeared impossible to be POSSIBLE!  The school has welcomed new families and veteran families that number nearly 440 students.  They have been welcomed to five day in-person learning with an option for remote learning, one to one chrome books, a variety of learning platforms, live stream Mass and a full complement of weekly integrated arts classes to note a few programming highlights.

What we have accomplished is shared by many schools within the Archdiocese, I imagine.  Let’s celebrate together knowing that as our school theme reads this year, “Together, We are One”.

Our mission statement:  Sacred Hearts School is a community committed to teaching and living Catholic values.  We strive for academic excellence while encouraging students to develop morally, academically, and socially.  We challenge our students to become critical thinkers who are confident, disciplined, respectful, and firmly committed to living a faith-filled life.

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