Lent 2020

This year, the theme of Lent is:  PRAYER, FASTING, ALMSGIVING. 

We are invited to spend more time in:

• Prayer, a time to open ourselves to God’s love

• Fasting from empty routines and filling our lives with service to others

• Giving more generously of our time and talent to those in need around us.

As we begin Lent, I invite you to read the following reflection from the National Catholic Education Association...

Liturgical seasons are more than countdowns to upcoming holidays. They are an invitation for introspection to examine our habits, faith practices and walk a little closer with Jesus. With the season of Lent starting, it is important not only to engage our children in conversations, rites and rituals, but to demonstrate how the season can have restorative and transformative power on us as families. Often we focus on what to "give up" for Lent, which is a great practice to teach the habit of sacrifice, but think about what spiritual goals you can set as a family during this time. It can be something simple like praying together on the way to school or cleaning out your closets and donating all of the things you don't need to charity. No matter the goal, being intentional by explaining to children how these small acts connect to their faith reinforces the notion of family being the domestic church.

~Mrs. Blain

School News

SHS Walk-a-Thon (Oct 10-12)

September 21, 2020

On Columbus Day Weekend, SHS will host a "Socially Distant" Walk-A-Thon. Check out our SHS Walk-a-Thon video! To submit payment for the Walk-a-Thon, click here.

Welcome Back!

September 5, 2020

Dear SHS Community,  Yes, the time is finally here! We are BACK TO SCHOOL! I, along with Father John, Father Kevin, Mrs. Pettis and the entire faculty and staff look forward to welcoming 434 students to either in person or remote learning this school year. We all experienced the most…