Advancing the Mission

Dear Supporters of Sacred Hearts School,

The 2022-23 Annual Fund campaign to support Sacred Hearts School has begun. It continues to be a challenging academic year as we continue to adapt and pivot due to COVID variants that still impose restrictions and health and safety guidelines. Although challenges occur, we are so lucky to spend our days with dedicated and caring staff, students, and families. Our students take pride in thriving and making steady academic progress. When we think of Sacred Hearts School several words come to mind – faith, academic success, stability, community, and values. Sacred Hearts School has been blessed in many ways.

Over the last 10 years Sacred Hearts School has increased enrollment at a very steady pace. Without the generosity and support from our community members, families, and alumni our continued growth and ability to adapt with these ever-changing times would not have been possible. We thank you!

Annual Fund Letter 2022

Just as we did last year we will rely on funds raised through our Annual Fund Campaign to keep Sacred Hearts School flourishing. The Annual Fund supports our overall strategic goals:  to continue to provide a rigorous and engaging curriculum that supports academic excellence and high standards, to attract and maintain quality faculty and staff, and to keep tuition affordable for our working families. Funds raised this year will help us ensure that Sacred Hearts School remains a high-quality Catholic school.  

It has been our mission to prepare our students for the future by offering them an education that teaches 21st century skills so as to equip them for future success. We are proud to be part of a Catholic education system which has demonstrated that students who attend Catholic schools receive a challenging, high-quality academic experience in a supportive environment. Students are well prepared for future academic work and success in their professional lives.

Annual Fund

At Sacred Hearts School we remain committed to the success of our students, working to strengthen and update our curriculum through the implementation of a rich STREAM based curriculum that involves hands on learning and culturally rich experiences. This year funds from the Annual Fund Campaign will allow for continuous upgrades to our comprehensive curriculum, including a new science curriculum to enhance our school learning environment. In addition, we will work to maintain our goal of keeping tuition low for our working families.

Annual Fund

Our Annual Fund goal for the 2022-2023 school year is $55,000.  With the generous support of the Sacred Hearts community-families, both past and present, grandparents, alumni, businesses, and friends we are confident that we can reach this goal. We invite you to make Sacred Hearts School a charitable priority this year by participating in the Annual Fund Campaign. 

Please join us in our efforts to achieve our goal by June 1, 2023. We have simplified our giving process by creating an online link for donations. You can choose to make a one-time donation or make Sacred Hearts School your monthly charitable gift. You can make your donation by logging onto and clicking the "Donate Now" button. 

Thank you for helping to support the Annual Fund and supporting our vision to offer an exceptional Catholic education for our children.                                                      

James J. Grocki Jr.                         Rev. John W. Delaney     
Principal                                         Pastor                  

All donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive an emailed receipt.

Click here to make an online donation

If you would like to make a donation via cash or check, please mail to:

Sacred Hearts School
Attn: Annual Fund
31 South Chestnut Street
Bradford, MA 01835

"A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish"
- Antoine de Saint Lxupery

As we pause to acknowledge all that our students continue to achieve within our school, we also want to express our gratitude to all those who impact our lives here at Sacred Hearts School with their donations of time, talent and treasure . . . And so, we write, to express our appreciation for YOU! We are truly blessed by your faithful support of our mission and wish to express that your generosity is deeply appreciated!

Throughout each school year we launch our Annual Fund Campaign, which is our funding source for curriculum enhancements that reach all students from Pre-K through Grade 8. It is our mission to prepare our students for the future by offering them an education that teaches 21st century skills, so as to equip them for future success. With your support we continue to refine our goal of strengthening our curriculum through the implementation of a STREAM-based curriculum that is plentiful in hands-on learning and culturally rich experiences.

What is S.T.R.E.A.M?
S.T.R.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics) programming:

  • Further develops and supports our Catholic identity, faith values and mission to work to the best of our abilities!
  • Stimulates and develops the imagination and critical thinking, and refines cognitive and creative skills.
  • Strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, adding to overall academic achievement and school success.
  • Develops a sense of craftsmanship, quality task performance, and goal-setting skills needed to succeed in the classroom and beyond.
  • Teaches children life skills such as developing an informed perception; articulating a vision; learning to solve problems and make decisions; building self-confidence and self-discipline; developing the ability to imagine what might be; and accepting responsibility to complete tasks from start to finish.
  • Nurtures important values, including team-building skills; respecting alternative viewpoints; and appreciating and being aware of different cultures and traditions.