Faculty & Staff

Sacred Hearts Early Childhood Center
48 South Chestnut Street
Bradford, MA 01835
Phone: (978) 374-7161

Mrs. Chrissie Pettis (Director, Early Childhood Center)
Mrs. Theresa Carrier (Administrative Assistant/Tuition Manager)

Mrs. Molly Casey (Nursery Teacher)
Mrs. Terri Hernon (Nursery Aide)

Mrs. Cindy Landry (Pre-K Teacher)
Mrs. Amy Tynan (Pre-K Teacher)
Mrs. Sheila Cunningham (Pre-K Aide)

Ms. Kelsey Gilligan (Kindergarten Teacher)
Mrs. Susan Skolski (Kindergarten Teacher)
Mrs. Jenna Smith (Kindergarten Teacher)
Mrs. Rachel Duerr (Kindergarten Aide)
Mrs. Kim Gilley (Kindergarten Aide)
Ms. Bianca Murphy (Kindergarten Aide)

Sacred Hearts Elementary and Middle School
31 South Chestnut Street
Bradford, MA 01835
Phone: (978) 372-5451

Mrs. Susan Downer (Principal)
Mrs. Kathleen Blain (Director of Mission Effectiveness)
Mrs. Nicole Bergeron (Director of Advancement)
Mrs. Bethany Wieczorek (Technology Coordinator)
Mrs. Wendy Tinkham (School Nurse)
Mrs. Jo Ridgley (Administrative Assistant)
Mrs. Manuela Stewart (Receptionist)

Miss Michelle Lescarbeau (1st Grade)
Mrs. Bridgid Spratt (1st Grade)
Mrs. Eileen Pelletier (1st Grade Aide)

Mrs. Crystal White (2nd Grade)
Mrs. Alyssa Dick (2nd Grade)
Mrs. Colleen Duchemin (2nd Grade Aide)

Ms. Jeanne Zahn (3rd Grade)
Miss Dawn Pavlini (3rd Grade)

Mrs. Jacqui Eldridge (4th Grade)
Mrs. Jillian Ziembo (4th Grade)

Mr. Patrick Wholley (5th Grade)
Ms. Mareena Sullivan (5th Grade)

Ms. Kristin Shepard (6th Grade)
Mrs. Connie Golden (6th Grade)

Mrs. Rhonda Kurto (7th and 8th Grade Science)
Mr. Gary Deabay (7th and 8th Grade Math)
Mr. Don Moss (7th and 8th Grade Social Studies)
Mrs. AnnMarie Burns (7th and 8th Grade Language Arts)

Mrs. Bethany Wieczorek (Computer)

Mrs. Nicole Bergeron (Library)

Mr. Michael Grady (Music)

Mrs. Janice Zenevitch (Physical Education & Athletic Director)

Ms. Caroline Casey (Art)

Senora Debbie Sasso (Spanish)

Mrs. Sonia Safi (French)

Mrs. Yvonne Boyd (Academic Support)
Ms. Judith Cleary (Academic Support)
Mrs. Marjorie Pelczar (Academic Support)

Sacred Hearts Parish 
48 South Chestnut Street
Bradford, MA 01835
Phone: (978) 373-1281

Father John Delaney (Pastor)
Father Kevin Sepe (Parochial Vicar)
Mrs. Betty Desjardins (Pastoral Associate)
Mrs. Holly Roche (Finance and Operations Manager)
Mae Ba (Faith Formation Director)