Sacred Hearts School Consultative Board

"Catholic Schools are God’s work and the Spirit is with us. With gratitude for the past, an honest assessment of the present and with bold action for the future, we are called to continue down this path of Catholic education to sustain the gift!"
(Father Joe O’Keefe, Dean of the Lynch School of Education of Boston College)

The Archdiocese of Boston Catholic Schools Office in cooperation with the National Catholic Education Association encourages parish schools to implement the Consultative School Board model. The rationale for the existence of and expectations of the Board are made in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Statement, June 2005.

Boards, more than ever, are essential to sustain Catholic schools and to provide the energy, resourcefulness and dedication to address the challenges presented by our time. By definition, the consultative board is advisory to the pastor who holds direct responsibility for the parish school. A consultative board is one which operates in the decision-making process by proposing and recommending, but not enacting, policy. All policies must be submitted to the pastor for approval before implementation. The Principal is directly responsible to the Pastor, not the Board. Boards are advisory to the Principal and the Pastor. The Board’s role is to ensure that the school continues to fulfill its mission. The Board does not: administer the school; act as a grievance committee or solve problems for individuals; or represent personal special interests or special interest groups.

Standing Committees on the Board include: Education, Finance, Development, Building & Grounds, Long Range Planning.

Consultative Board

Sacred Hearts School is grateful to the members of our Consultative Board.