Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Parents, please be prepared to restock items as needed during the school year. Students tend to run out of pens, pencils & erasers, expo markers, and at times notebooks and index cards. Also, it is helpful to label everything with names or initials so if something is misplaced it can be easily returned to the rightful owner.

Information about upcoming assignments and other classroom information can be found at the Grade 4 Schoolnotes page. Please know that Schoolnotes is a supplementary tool to the Agenda book, which encompasses numerous themes for fourth graders -- responsibility, organization, and neatness, as well as a study and communication tool. If the Schoolnotes link is incorrect, simply click into the "Students" area and type in the zip code of the school (01835) to find your teacher's name in the list. Schoolnotes pages are provided as a convenience for parents and students; however, the classroom agenda book should always be looked to as the first source of information on assignments.

Miss Vandermass

Mrs. Ziembo

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