Major Retailers want to give SHS Free Money!

Some basic information to get you started.

The $crip Program allows Sacred Hearts School supporters to purchase pre-paid cards from their favorite retailers. This includes a NO FEE American Express card! Hundreds of popular national retailers participate, including: Market Basket, Amazon, AMC Theatres, Chunky's Cinema, Dunkin Donuts, iTunes, The 99 Restaurant, Target, and many others. These are the same cards you would buy online or at the store, but through Scrip a percentage of each dollar spent is paid back to the school. It's Really Simple! Need School Uniforms? Lands Ends is a Scrip retailer!
The beauty of Scrip is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work. You earn money for our school without spending a single additional penny. Just spend your regular shopping dollars with Scrip at the retailers that participate. In addition to purchasing cards for household purchases, it's handy to have some on hand for gift-giving.

The SHS Scrip Program has an UNLIMITED earnings possibility, but we need your support to realize its full potential. We encourage every family to participate!

If you have specific questions about the Sacred Hearts Scrip Program, please contact the SHS Scrip Team at:

Snip and Save Boxtops

We are in the BoxTops 4 Education program. BoxTop_Rounded.jpg

Snip and Save Labels for Education

Collect UPCs and beverage/sauce caps from over 2,500 participating products. labels.jpg

Find out about our Labels for Education program, and discover all the Participating Products .

Coca-Cola Give Program

When you or your family/friends make a Coca-Cola purchase (Coke, Dasani, PowerAde, and Minute Maid), access the GIVE site. When the page loads, enter "Sacred Hearts School, 01835", and key your code. If using a smartphone, you can scan the code rather than keying it.

Share Your Talent

A crew of parents and students help create our award-winning float for the Haverhill Santa Parade. float.jpg

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