PTO Information

Please check ParentsWeb for a schedule of upcoming meetings and events. You may find PTO minutes in Mrs. Blain's newsletter "Hawk's Herald Weekly". Scroll down to view the PTO Steering Committee Roster. For more information about the PTO read over the Bylaws.

Become Involved! Easily meet your Covenant Hours!

An active community is a healthy, involved community -- and that is the goal for our school community. Just like the TV show "Cheers", everybody will know your name (and you will know theirs)! There are many ways to participate, from supervising lunch/recess, to serving as a room parent, to helping out at any of our events -- there are also limited opportunities to work 'behind the scenes' from your home. Below is a list of traditional events....don't be a wallflower, jump right in! Stay in the know about upcoming volunteer opportunities by reading the "Hawk's Herald Weekly", notices from the Principal's desk, and by viewing the school calendar.
    Events and Activities for this school year can include:
  • Various Fundraisers - are you an outgoing person who can solicit business donations for events?
  • The 'gently-used' uniform swap -- if you like to organize, this is for you.
  • Annual Santa Parade Float -- can you wield a hammer/drill? Make paper mache flowers?
  • Halloween Party for students -- are you all about the Scary?
  • Catholic Schools Week -- celebrate the school you chose for your children!
  • Ladies Choice Dance -- make a memorable experience for your special little gal.
  • Mother/Son Event -- boys just want to have fun too!
  • Golf Tournament -- our biggest event, and you don't even have to golf!
  • Field Day -- there is nothing more fun than a school full of kids playing games outside.
  • Grade 8 Class Night -- Grade 7 parents host a very special night where you can channel your inner "Martha Stewart".
  • Kindergarten Graduation Reception -- Grade 1 parents throw the party!



      Monica Barbieri and Nicole Ferrara


      Marisa Stoehr

      Correspondent Secretary

      Angela Atkinson


      Maureen Nault

      Room Parent Coordinators

      Cindy Stella Christine Cox

      Ex-officio, non-voting members:

      Mrs. Kathleen Blain, Principal
      Father John Delaney, Pastor

Room Parents K - 3rd

Teacher: Mrs. Kelsey Gilligan KRed
Aides: Mrs. Danielle Cavallaro

Teacher: Mrs. Susan Skolski KWhite
Aides: Mrs. Gilley
Room Parents: Sarah Pope

Teacher: Mrs. Bridgid Spratt 1Red
Aide: Mrs. Eileen Pelletier
Room Parents: Bre O'Connor

Teacher: Miss Michelle Lescarbeau 1White
Aide: Mrs. Eileen Pelletier
Room Parents: Janel D'Agata Lynch
& Stephanie Savarese

Teacher: Mrs. Heather Guthrie 2Red
Aide: Mrs. Laura Young
Room Parents: Amanda Strong
& Robin Duguay

Teacher: Mrs. Crystal White 2White
Aide: Mrs. Laura Young
Room Parents:

Teacher: Mrs. Kristin Micalizzi 3Red
Room Parents: Karen Silvia
& Elizabeth MacIver

Teacher: Miss Dawn Pavlini 3White
Room Parents: Amber Wagner

Room Parents 4th - 8th

Teacher: Mrs. Jillian Ziembo 4White
Room Parents: Ann Marie Aquino
& Sheri Chesley

Teacher: Miss Jacqui VanderMass 4Red

Teacher: Mrs. Susan Downer - 5Red
Room Parents: Karen Doody

Teacher: Mrs. Carla Bratland - 5White
Room Parents: Kelley Bateman

Teacher: Mrs. Tricia Bamford - 6Red
Room Parents: Lyn Manning

Teacher: Mrs. Connie Golden - 6White
Room Parents: Jen Manry

Teacher: Ms. Kristin Shepard - 7Red
Room Parents: Angela Atkinson, Kate Walker, Christine Belanger
& Cindy Stella

Teacher: Mrs. Rhonda Kurto 7White
Room Parents:

Teacher: Mr. Don Moss - 8White
Room Parents: Lori Robertson, Sheila Torrisi
& Lisa MacDougall

Teacher: Mrs. AnnMarie Burns - 8Red
Room Parents:

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